Here Is My Story


In late 2016 I had what my children called a mini mid life crisis. I had a normal life, I was married, had 3 children, and a well paying job. But if I were being honest, I was fricken MISERABLE! I was on the redundant hamster wheel of life. Oddly enough I had heard this story so many times before from women sitting in the salon chair for years. So, seriously how did I get there?

I wanted to be in the driver seat of MY life. I wanted it so bad, I deserved it. So, what do you do when you don’t like something? Change it! Right?  Well yes, absolutely. But how do you actually achieve it? It sure sounds easy.

That’s where my so called crisis came in. 

One day I just took charge, I took control, I showed up! Guess what that did… IT CHANGED MY LIFE AROUND…Completely !! Yep you heard that right. My children thought I was losing it when in reality I was getting it. Yes, I went through all “the buts”, the “I cants” and the “what ifs”. Yet, I stand before you today saying I’m happy, I’m in control, I’m here and I matter. And so do you! 

You deserve the life you want, to be in control, to be loved, to be passionate and be happy. And I can help. You can look forward to living and loving your kickass life.