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5 Things You Need To Know About Your Home Hair Care Routine

Although your routine will be according to your hair type, I am mentioning a few basic things for everyone;

1- Clarifying: In addition to your daily cleansing shampoo, use a deep-working shampoo or cleanser once a month that can effectively remove buildup from the hair. This keeps the hair easier to blowdry, shiny and may reduce brassiness from hard water.

2- Conditioning: Don’t forget to add conditioner according to your hair type. For hair that are prone to dryness, use moisture/ hydrating based conditioners. For damaged hair we want to use protein products. And in some cases we need a mixture. If you are unsure what your hair needs, let’s do a consultation.

3- Moisturizing/Shine: Oiling is the best way to seal moisture in your hair, the choice again depends on your hair type. There is difference between oils and serums.

4- Detangling: Use the right combs and brushes to detangle your hair and don’t tie too hard for it can create breakage.

5- Treatments: If you are experiencing any issue with hair or scalp, don’t ignore it. Get the right treatment before it gets worse. You can also consult our professional services in this regard.

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